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Mouse Flavored Salami

Mmmmmmmmmm…. good to the last…. emm… ok… this is just find gross…..

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m always careful with what I buy but the salami looked perfectly fine from the outside,” he said. “But in the middle there was a dead mouse.”

The manufacturer faces up to 1500.00 in fines and should pay the guy millions………yucky!!!!!!!!!!


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Never Wash Boxers

Never again do you have to wash these bad boys… they are always ready to go… just the perfect turn-on for that special someone……….

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Woody Harrelson “Zombie Attack”

This is yet another case of WTF….. is Woody Harrelson really expecting people to be so uneducated that we are to believe that he broke and acosted a cameraman because he thought the cameraman was a zombie? Ok… so here it goes… apparently Woody Harrelson along side daughter flew into a New York airport after finishing a “zombie flick” and a cameraman was taking pictures of him. Woody back lashed and struck the camera and in turn broke it. The cameraman filmed Woody up until he was struck with his main camera and then continued to film with a smaller camera. The second film contains the cameraman telling Woody to cool down while he follows him to the car and asks why Woody did this. The next day Woody comes out with this apology saying he is so sorry… he got confused and thought the cameraman was a zombie because he just got back from filming this movie where he is a person trying to hide from zombies.

Give me a break Woody… come clean and stop treating fans and the rest of us like we don’t matter…. I mean without the cameras in your face and our hard earned dollars YOU WOULD BE NOTHING!!!!

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Snack Time


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